My Baby Shower

Our lives have been pretty wild since our third little muffin made her appearance and writing blog posts took a bit of a back seat, I therefore feel the need to spam you all with every event that has happened in our life since pregnancy! I am going to start with my baby shower which I never got around to posting about.

I would have always said I wasn’t really one for baby showers, they were a very American thing and all about commercialism…. even though I had arranged quite a few in my time for others. The fact was I do think they are such a lovely idea, but I would never have wanted anyone to make such a fuss over me. So having been asked in my pregnancy loads of times “Oh are you having a baby shower?” I would always have said “No they’re not really my thing”.

It all started with my sister in law messaging and arranging to go out to my favourite Italian restaurant for a birthday dinner. With both of us being very, very pregnant, and our birthdays just four days apart I thought it was a great idea and would be a lovely way to enjoy a night before the baby cousins made their appearances into the world. So we arranged for the two of us, my mum and my other sister in law Christine to go and enjoy a sensible girls night…. or so I thought!

The two very pregnant birthday girls

Off we headed to The Pizza Parlour in Ballymena (they do the nicest pizza ever, Mark would say their American hot is the best in the world). Hopped out of the car and went inside, we were told our table was just up the stairs. Upon reaching the top of the stairs I noticed my little cousin Stacia and then my uni friend Louise through the railings and thought to my self… “God I didn’t know they knew each other at all never mind well enough to be out eating pizza together”. Next thing I hear is a room full of familiar voices shouting SURPRISE at me. And then it dawned on me…. I’m not here for my birthday I’m here for my baby shower, I was truly surprised. So with the hormones all over the place I ended up hiding behind a wall having a little cry. All my favourite ladies on the earth in one room to celebrate and shower little Baby Graham with love.

My emotional/shocked smile for the camera.

Looking back on it all how could I have expected anything less…. especially when you have this angel for a cousin/best friend. Kieva had been flat out behind the scenes planning, arranging and communicating with my mum for the most beautiful baby shower. Dodging me in Tescos the day before, trying to hide the goods for the party in her trolley like a ninja! She is so truly beautiful inside and out.

The amount of effort, time and creativity she put into it was amazing! Here are some snaps of the set up….

Adorable banners and balloons.

The actual cutest centre pieces ever…. teapots with fresh flowers.

Kirstie’s going to pop… little favours with popcorn inside.

The most adorable, but more importantly, most delicious chocolate cake EVER! This was made by my little cousin Stacia!

Gorgeous china/afternoon tea set up on the tables.

I remember getting home that evening and my jaw being sore from smiling and laughing so hard the whole night. We played loads of games.

Guess the baby game…. all the guests were asked to bring a baby photo of them and we had to guess and write down which baby we thought was which guest. Someone even brought one of me (the little monkey looking baby standing in the cot smiling) and one of the Daddy to be (middle right in the door bouncer).

We played pin the dummy on the baby… it made me laugh so much. My mum went first and well just in typical Mummy style….. (I turned of the sound as there may have been a swear word said by a jealous contestant…. me).

We done the baby predictions cards…. the person who got closest with their guesses was my little cousin Stacia… she got the date of birth, eye colour and was closest to the weight. I mean who is going to guess 10lb 6oz which the little chub ended up being!

However the funniest game we played was the “What Am I?” riddles game…. even more funny when your 50-something year old mum is reading them out and taking it very seriously! One example was “Some people fiddle their big toe in my hole. I can be very hot and steamy. When I’m turned on I can be very wet. When it’s over I usually drip?” What am I? A Tap… obviously! You can imagine the giggles that were had during this game…. to be honest I’m surprised the laughing never got me contracting.

Then they gave me this… I’m not going to post the messages but they still give me all the warm fuzzy feels when I read them. Fun fact…. Ella wanted to call the baby Violet all through my pregnancy and because she was weighing so heavy the whole way through, bump picked up the name “Fat Violet” so all the messages in this book are to little Fat Violet!

I am so thankful to Kieva and Mummy who planned the best baby shower I could ever have wished for and to everyone who came and showered little Baby G with their love! I have the best girl gang in the world!

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed and maybe get some tips or ideas for if your ever planning a baby shower.

Love Kirstie x

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