Visiting London With Kids

We visited London at the end of February for just one night/two full days with our two biggest kids (8 and 9 years old). We probably couldn’t have picked a better time to visit, the weather ended up being beautiful and even set a new record for the hottest winter day ever recorded in London.

This blog post shows what we chose to do and see in the city. I hope it will maybe encourage or inspire some of you to give the city a visit if you have not already…. because along with Paris, London now also has stolen a part of our hearts.

The underground is incredible and makes getting around extremely easy, trains are very frequent (we never had to wait more than two minutes). At peak times it can get pretty squished and become a little scary for tiny people; but on most occasions a friendly Londoner would give up their seat for them. We found out instead of getting an oyster or travel card, we could simply use our contactless bank cards to tap in and out of each journey. At the end of each day our daily spending was totalled and capped it around £18 per person, tiny people under 11 travel free around London which is also great. I would say it was great value for money. These pair became absolute pros at navigating Mark and I around.

So here are our favourite things to do and see, in no particular order. (Excluding the Warner Bros Tour because that’s probably going to have a whole other blog post to itself). It’s just dawned on me also that all these attractions are actually free of charge, no admission fees! Obviously your kids will fleece you when you enter the premises though 🤪.

1.Lego Store (Leicester Square)

We have a few huge Lego fans in the family, so from the moment we booked London, the biggest lego store in the world was a must to stick on the “to do” list. I’m so glad too. It was such a cheap and easy way for them to explore and have fun. We spent a grand total of £9.96 in store. It is spread over two floors with the bottom being home to a Lego underground station where you can sit and pose on a tube train beside a Queens Guard and William Shakespeare; a Lego Big Ben and a Lego British Telephone Box.

The kids (and big kids if they like) can design and make up their own packet of 3 Lego mini figures for just £4.98.

We could have spent all day building and creating. The store in general was a really great and colourful place to be, staff were super friendly and we will definitely be back when we plan our next trip.

2.M&M World

Situated right in front of the Lego store is M&M world. Ella has wanted a trip to NYC for a long time just to visit M&M world, when she realised there was one in London she couldn’t believe her luck!

The first thing to hit you when you enter the 35,000sq ft store is the aroma of chocolate heaven. I’m not sure if it’s a deliberate marketing stunt or not. If it is, well played M&M world; because we spent almost £30 on three cups of M&Ms that would cost us about £5 in our local supermarket.

You can also purchase M&Ms with a print of your face (wouldn’t that be a real treat) or personalise them with a message of your choice. They have have every type of merchandise imaginable with M&M logos for sale, including the nighty in the photo below, which apparently sums me to a T.

There are opportunities around the shop to get pictures taken with different M&Ms including the Blue M&M driving a Union Jack Mini.

There is a machine in store that you can stand on that will scan you, tell you your “colour” and what it means about your mood. Apparently I am Yellow, which means I am someone’s sunshine today and everyday ☀️ Im sure Mark will agree I’m one massive ray of sunshine too 😬

It was a very worthwhile visit and again we could have spent a lot of time here and would definitely come back for another £30 worth of M&Ms.

3.Platform 9 & 3/4 (Kings Cross Station)

As soon as we hopped off the plane, we made our way straight to the secret platform 9 & 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, in hope that it would lead us to Hogwarts, unfortunately it didn’t work for us muggles! To be honest this attraction is really just a shop and a photo op! We skipped the £15 photo op with the luggage trolley going through the wall because we were headed to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in a short few hours where we could get the photo for free. The shop had such a buzz to it, a lady stood close by the entrance playing with a magical flying quidditch.

Ella filled her boots with Bertie Botts beans, jelly slugs and a Hedwig purse (a girl can never have too many purses right?), and Lucas came away with a Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game. In my opinion it’s a cool free attraction to see and if you have two absolute Potter Heads for children like I do, it will be some special memories made for them.

4. Buckingham Palace

We made an impromptu stop for tea with Lizzie at the Palace on our last day. We thought sure we are close by anyway and it would be a nice for the kids to get a wee play date squeezed in with George, Charlotte and Louis before we headed home. Ok, so we totally got no where near Lizzie and the place was pretty packed with tourists but there was a lot of excitement around it. We didn’t make it for the changing of the guards either but they did do a few marching patrols which the kids thought it was interesting so yeah, another memory made and something exciting ticked off their little bucket lists.

5.Natural History Museum

If there is one thing you should definitely do when in London with kids, it is to visit the Natural History Museum. For a free attraction it is absolutely incredible for little inquisitive minds. There are four main galleries including origins of the human race, dinosaurs, mammals and earth galleries.

Obviously the BIG, GIGANTIC DINOSAURS were a massive hit, even with the bigger kids in the family.

My personal favourite gallery was the Earth gallery, being able to experience the feeling of a real earthquake via their simulator was very impressive. Beware, one of the first gallery’s around human biology was about to show a video on child birth where I found Ella sat down ready to tune into. This is a conversation we haven’t had yet and it probably wasn’t an ideal time to initiate it 🙈😂

The museum is the type of attraction you could spend your whole day looking around, but because it’s free you could also nip in for a few hours and still see loads of amazing things! There are three cafes and one restaurant, there are also plenty of picnic tables on the grounds. However, we had eaten just before our visit so didn’t sample any of the eateries. The kids had so much fun here and for a free attraction it is amazing!

6.Peggy Porschen Cakes

Pretty in pink and covered in flowers, we had a very short and sweet stop at the most beautiful cafe in London on our last day. Ella and I had been looking forward to visiting Peggys since booking the trip. Anyone with a daughter who loves pink as much as Ella does, this would be a lovely thing to do together. The men just didn’t seem to get it as much… not sure why?

Situated just five minutes walk from Victoria Station, it’s easy to get to. Apparently we were quite lucky to arrive at a time when there was no ques, we were able to get ourselves a table inside.

It’s floral heaven and the cakes are so perfect they almost don’t look real. We had 3 cupcakes, 3 macaroons and four drinks between us which came to about £24 which I thought was reasonable enough. I did how ever pick up three of their valentines sugar cookies for gifts which cost £8 each, and ended up squashed to crumbs by the husband once we got home.

It’s a must see for any bloggers, fashion lovers or foodies, they will be sure to get loads of pictures for ‘the gram’. We will 100% be back on our next trip unless another insanely beautiful, pink cafe pops up elsewhere.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or want any further advice on travelling around London with kids feel free to send me a message. I mean I’m no expert, but I definitely learned loads during our short visit.

Kirstie xx

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