To My Last Born On Your First Birthday

Dear Molly-Kate, or MK as your siblings call you (We swore it would never be shortened but they’ve even got me and your daddy using it).Today is your first birthday! We are celebrating one whole year of loving you. A day I remember so clearly it could have been yesterday. You have slotted into our crazy little family so perfectly, perhaps sometimes showing signs of being the craziest member. You have the best personality and sense of humour I’ve ever seen at such a young age and everyone else agrees. Your little cheeky face is the best thing EVER, it makes me even happier than Reeses chocolate!

Honestly, I have dreaded this year. I knew already how quickly it would fly past, no one had to tell me. When I look at you I don’t see that little chubby newborn, who all 10lb 6oz of you filled the hospital crib and looked more like a four month old. I see a gorgeous little blonde haired, blue eyed girl, who is looking more like a toddler everyday.

The last year has been a constant battle between wanting to watch your strong willed personality achieve all your milestones, and wanting to keep you as my baby forever. You are my last baby. I will never feel those little kicks from the inside, the pain of childbirth or that rush of oxytocin during the first feed again.

When I look at you, especially today my heart could burst with pride and adoration; yet a huge part breaks at the thought of never experiencing it all again. I suppose in a way I am grieving a little, for every time you accomplish a new first that will become my last first.

If there is one thing I have learned from you Molly-Kate, my third and final child, it is to slow right down. Enjoy and soak up every tiny moment because as cliche as it sounds, time really does fly. I have not quite felt ready to let go of this stage of my life, having to now count your age in years as opposed to months, to go from continually catering to all your needs, to you becoming so independent and wanting to do everything on your own and to no longer having a baby in the home! But then it dawned on me…. you will forever be my baby. You, your sister and your brother will always by my babies.

This last, first year will say goodbye to many wonderful and amazing times we’ve shared, but I will be your parent for the rest of my life and we will have so many more amazing times ahead of us ❤️

I hope your day has been as special as you are my sweetheart!

Love you to the moon and back,


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